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Reliable Industrial and Commercial Engineers in North York

FRJJ Technical Inc has an experienced and expert team of commercial engineers who ensure that all construction work is carried out smoothly while strictly adhering to the building codes and standards enforced in the territory. Our engineers specialize in a full range of commercial structural engineering services.


We work with all kinds of businesses - from small business owners to multinational corporations located in North York or the surrounding areas. We value quality and safety above all. Our team aims to accomplish all schedules outlining our involvement in your project from design through construction review and compliance. We review the structure carefully and responsibly and our team handles the process to obtain the necessary permits. For more information, please give us a call .

Our Commercial Services

We provide a range of commercial engineering solutions for a wide variety of clients. Our services include:

Design of new commercial or industrial units or remodelling to change the usage of units based on the new tenant requirement

Remodelling the existing business to better utilize the existing area or have a modern look

Restoration design for the existing parking garage to make sure the area will comply with new code requirements and will be safe

Redesigning internal and structural reinforcement of an existing industrial building based on new usage introduced by the tenant

Construction Review Services

Whether it is new or existing construction, we offer construction review services for commercial and industrial properties. Our consulting engineers work with your designs, architect and contractors on a range of projects such as multi-family properties, apartments, steel buildings,pre-engineered steel buildings, underground parking, barns, warehouses, storage facilities and more.

List of Projects

For more of our projects, see our gallery .

Discuss Your Project with Us!

We cater to commercial and industrial structural engineering projects and would like to discuss yours!

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