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Consult FRJJ Technical Inc Engineers for Structural Design and Detailing

At FRJJ Technical Inc, we have personal hands-on experience with various parts of steel structures. We undertake the design and detailing for various types of projects using hot-rolled sections for ICI and residential projects. Our specialty includes working on miscellaneous items like staircases and their railing and guard based on architectural drawings, interior and exterior ladders either with or without cages.


Only after a thorough assessment and inspection, our structural engineers ascertain the overall stability, efficiency and strength of the structures. This detailing is crucial while considering applications in which a statutory approval is to be made. Visit our office in North York or call us to learn more about our structural design and detailing services.

How It Works

Connections are designed based on provided reactions at the contract structural drawings using bolts or welding at the site. We use-


Tekla software  for the preparation of shop drawings for review by the consultant. Once the review is completed, we prepare the list of materials, handle all fabrication drawings for single items, including assembly drawings for the columns, beams, bracing and all other elements


List of bolts and anchor bolts with the set of erection drawings for the usage of the site team as per imperial or metric system which one works by the steel fabricator company

Looking for a Steel Detailer?

FRJJ Technical Inc can help you with your technical questions and project plans.

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